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In business as in life, it is your relationships that will make or break your success. The principles Jerry Acuff teaches are simple but complex in that you must commit to practice them while looking at your relationships more critically. All deals are still made with a handshake, and no one is better at teaching you how to get there than Jerry.

Clarissa Etter-Smith, Area Sales Director, Shire Pharmaceuticals

You are the most impressive sales consultant I have ever met in my over 20 years in the business. I am so impressed how you have boiled the art of selling down. You are the very best and every company would be crazy not to hire you for everything they sell and for every sales leadership team they have.

Walter Maguire, Division Sales Manager

Earlier that day, I had been reading your book, "The Relationship EdgeTM", and I was at the part where you said the salesman should not sell something to someone who doesn't really need it or that it won't help them. It made a real impression on me.

VP Healthcare Provider

I just wanted to tell you that I learned more from you in 2 days than I have in the 6 ½ years I’ve been in the Pharmaceutical industry.

K. M. Smith, Sales Representative, Takeda

Jerry would have been worth 3 times that much for the information that he gave. ….I learned more in that one hour that Jerry talked than I have in 5 years worth of training and meetings in the industry. Truly the best money ever spent.

Anonymous, AstraZeneca,

Last year when I approached you about an Action Plan for my region you coached and guided me in a way that resulted in a very focused and clear plan which has resulted in phenomenal impact. Thank you for your support.

Pharmaceutical Regional Director

Many thanks for the very inspirational and highly effective presentation that you did for the Triax team. Your insight into the selling process is unrivaled. I believe that you provided us with a defining moment that will spark a cultural change in our sales force.

Leonard Mazur, COO

It is with a great deal of passion and gratitude that I write to you a personal note of thanks. The session ‘Selling [Product]’ WHICH YOU VERY ENERGETICALLY CONDUCTED AT OUR LAUNCH WAS THE SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE AND SIGNIFICANT PRESENTATION I HAVE EVER ATTENDED. Thank you for making a difference.

Roche sales rep

Jerry Acuff was quite honestly one of the best teachers I have ever heard. I use the word teacher intentionally, because that was what he was doing. He was not preaching or telling us what to do; he was teaching us a better way.

Sales representative

Jerry Acuff outlines methods not taught by many companies . . . most do not spend any time teaching the skill of building long term relationships with clients.

A Happy Executive

Jerry Acuff was quite honestly one of the best teachers I have ever heard. I use the word teacher intentionally, because that was what he was doing

Sales Representative

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