Staying Connected. Reminders Help but are YOU Committed?

Thanks to our technologically advanced world, there are many ways we can keep in touch with those people who matter most to us—seeing them in person, making phone calls, sending texts, emails, and/or posts on social media. When we reach out and touch someone it sends a message that this person matters to us. And the opposite is also true—when we let too much time slip by, we (often unconsciously) send a message that we have better things to do than to connect with this person and that they really aren’t that important to us.

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Planning to Make This Year Better Than Last

As January winds down, many of us find ourselves still planning and thinking…New year, new budgets, new yearly forecasts, possibly a kickoff sales meeting to get the team going. It’s a busy time. But it’s rare that Marketing and Sales Leadership Teams gather (together or separately) to take stock of the year-end performance and take the time to think about what they need to do differently. Rarely do teams stop and ask:  What do we need to do first?  What do we need to change so we can do better than we did last year? Continue reading

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Building Business Relationships as a Selling Strategy

“How can I get more time with the physicians I call on?” That’s a question I’m often asked when I work with BioPharma sales representatives. Gaining more time with customers seems to be one of the more challenging aspects of selling in the life sciences industry. Although there is no guaranteed way to get the healthcare professional to spend more time with you, I’m a big believer that building business relationships can be a major differentiator in how much time your customers will give you and how intently they will listen. Continue reading

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What We Can Learn About Selling from JAMA

When selling in the life sciences industry, we are accustomed to referring to prestigious journals such as JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) to provide clinical references. However, the July 2015 issue contains an interesting article, Story as Evidence, which demonstrates why we should incorporate storytelling as an effective tool for selling. Continue reading

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Reflections for a New Year

During this time of the year we tend to get caught up in the hustle and bustle that surrounds us. It’s not only the end of the quarter but also the year, which makes it even more imperative to tie up loose ends and meet those last, remaining deadlines. For some it seems that the last few weeks of the year tend to be the most stressful—and that’s why I’m writing this blog. When things are most hectic is the right time to step back, take a deep breath, and set aside some time to just think. Continue reading

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How to Better Engage the “I’m Too Busy” Customer

It’s become more and more common to hear healthcare practitioners say, “I’m too busy to talk” when they are approached by sales representatives. This can be understandable if you consider the situation from the practitioner’s point of view—they are under pressure to see more patients in less time than they probably would like. Understanding the origin of this time constraint is a great place to start but the question remains, how can you use this knowledge to better engage them in a meaningful discussion of your product? Continue reading

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What Can Be Misleading about Social Media—And Why You Need to Know This

As social animals, it’s no wonder that so many of us turn to social media to satisfy our primal need to connect with others. However, as we have come to realize, building true business or personal relationships requires more than a simple tweet or update on LinkedIn or Facebook. There are proven ways to develop meaningful relationships—and it requires more than social media can provide. Continue reading

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The Rule of 150—and Why You Need to Know About It

There seems to be many “rules” that we can apply to the different things we encounter in life.  For example, when trying to understand compound interest, we can refer to the “Rule of 72.” And the “Rule of Thirds” provides direction as to how to make visual images more appealing.  While these rules come in handy from time to time, the “Rule of 150” could arguably affect your quality of life.  In a nutshell, this rule refers to the maximum number of people with whom any person can build meaningful relationships. Continue reading

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The Power of Thanks

Thanksgiving comes but once a year and for most people, it is quite a cherished time. We often get to spend time with our families and friends, feel the power of love and connection, and receive a genuine sense of belonging.

Thanksgiving is almost always an uplifting time and it seems a shame that we can’t have these powerful feelings more often. I’m not sure that we need a Thanksgiving Holiday each month or each quarter but I do believe if we spend more time being thankful for our blessings, our loved ones and our friends, we could connect more often with those powerful feelings that lift us (and them) up. Continue reading

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3 Key Traits of Likeable Leaders—And Why You Want to Be One

There’s a saying in sales that’s been proven true throughout the years—people prefer to do business with those they like. Not surprisingly, people have the same feeling about their leaders—they want to like them. Not only are likeable leaders more popular but they are also prone to outperform those who aren’t—and by a wide margin. Continue reading

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