5 Tips for Being Successful in Business

Last week Delta Point celebrated a huge milestone – our 15-year anniversary of business! When my wife and I first started the company, neither of us could imagine that Delta Point would enjoy so much success nor grow as it has in 15 years. We have worked and consulted for some of the best companies in the world, and we have done great work all over the world. We’ve had terrific people working with us and we’ve had great clients. Because Delta Point has been in business for so many years, I’m occasionally asked what tips I might have on how to be successful in business. Continue reading

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Rio 2016: The Best of Fundamentals and Coaching on Display

Bom Dia! It’s that time again… We experience it every 4 years, where the world unites for a common purpose, for lively competition during the Summer Olympics.  Watching the Opening Ceremonies this past Friday, it struck me that I was finally watching live television that reflected the true human spirit that lies within the vast majority of the world.  Absent was the political posturing and the stories of tragedy impacting our world.  What remained on my screen was simply the best athletes in the world coming together to compete and to share. Continue reading

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The 2016 Delta Point Survey: Are Private Tutors the Key to Selling Excellence?

Do you sometimes wish you had a private tutor to help you in your job? So do Sales Representatives all the time.  And to learn more about the relationship and needs between Sales Representatives and First Line Managers in Lifesciences, Delta Point established a survey and report to learn more.

We recently completed and published the Delta Point 2016 Industry Survey Report in which we surveyed more than 100 sales representatives and 100 First Line Sales Managers across the country to find out about the ability of sales managers to be truly effective coaches.  We’ve also been published on PM360  regarding these insights, which you can read about here. Continue reading

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The Importance of “Being Big”

One of my closest friends and a person I deeply admire is Buzz Williams, Head Basketball Coach at Virginia Tech. Buzz is a huge quote person and if you follow him on Twitter you will have the privilege of learning from his voracious reading habit. He shared a quote with me one day from Hall of Fame Coach George Raveling that really resonated with me.

“Be big enough every day to face the truth about yourself, your team, your family and your life.” Continue reading

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What We Can Learn About Selling from Politicians’ Mistakes

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of trust in what politicians say these days. Fact finders seem to devote much of their time to researching what politicians claim and then explaining what the real “truth” is. That’s probably one of the reasons folks seem so angry and upset during this election period and many claim to be “turned off” to the whole process. That lack of trust is a big factor—and something that we should recognize when selling. Continue reading

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Take Advantage of Chance Encounters

Chance encounters. We all have them—we sit next to someone on the train or stand in line behind a person when grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning.  How many of these could be missed opportunities for networking and connecting?

If we don’t engage that person, we might never know. But why should we talk to them—and perhaps continue to engage them? What difference can it make? As Whitney Johnson describes in her recent blog, An airline cancelled my flight and put me in a van. Along the way, I got lots of lessons on how *not* to network, it has the potential to be life changing. Continue reading

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Leaders: How to Improve Sales—Are We Focusing on the Wrong People?

What can we as leaders do to improve our sales results? How do we get our salespeople to deliver the right message on every call? Where should we focus our limited resources (time, funding, training, etc.)?

When contemplating issues such as these—how to improve market share and grow sales—many leaders focus on the salespeople. That’s logical because salespeople are critical to generating sales. But more often the other crucial group involved in selling is overlooked—the sales managers whose charge is to drive sales and develop the competencies of their sales people. Continue reading

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5 Qualities of a Greatness

As we were winding up our discussion about what makes a great consultant at Delta Point, some of our newer consultants voiced their opinion about how these characteristics could be viewed as a roadmap of how to be great at … Continue reading

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The “One-Minute” Call: Messaging Challenge or Relationship Issue?

We hear it constantly. Sales representatives say, “I need something new to say because I can’t get more than a few seconds with my customer.” It’s easy to put the blame on the message. But in reality, the problem may … Continue reading

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Planning is Everything

Selling is a thinking person’s game—that’s why I enjoy it so much. We never know what to expect when we meet with a customer. We don’t know if they’re having a bad day, or struggling with a problem, or rejoicing about some good news. In brief, we don’t know how receptive they’ll be to hearing what we have to say. But we can increase the likelihood they will listen attentively when we take the time to plan what to say and how to say it. Continue reading

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