5 Qualities of a Greatness

As we were winding up our discussion about what makes a great consultant at Delta Point, some of our newer consultants voiced their opinion about how these characteristics could be viewed as a roadmap of how to be great at … Continue reading

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The “One-Minute” Call: Messaging Challenge or Relationship Issue?

We hear it constantly. Sales representatives say, “I need something new to say because I can’t get more than a few seconds with my customer.” It’s easy to put the blame on the message. But in reality, the problem may … Continue reading

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Planning is Everything

Selling is a thinking person’s game—that’s why I enjoy it so much. We never know what to expect when we meet with a customer. We don’t know if they’re having a bad day, or struggling with a problem, or rejoicing about some good news. In brief, we don’t know how receptive they’ll be to hearing what we have to say. But we can increase the likelihood they will listen attentively when we take the time to plan what to say and how to say it. Continue reading

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Success Is a Choice – What We Can Learn from the NBA’s First Unanimous MVP

Since its inception 67 years ago, only one player has been unanimously selected as MVP of the National Basketball Association (NBA). In a league of athletic superstars where a single name is all that is required for the elite players, only one has achieved such admiration. Continue reading

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How to Manage Pull-Through in an Age of Decreasing Attention Spans

It is one of the more challenging aspects of being a consultant. Regardless of whether we are involved in creating and delivering the entire national sales training for our clients or advising which specific skills should be targeted for the … Continue reading

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6 Tips to Creating Enlightening Questions

What makes you feel “enlightened”? In his recent blog posting 7 Ways to Inspire Enlightenment with Curiosity, Dan Rockwell makes the point that while good questions inform, great questions enlighten. Great questions get people to think differently—and that is our real goal in selling.

The simple fact is that asking great questions is hard. It’s one of the reasons why we need to be reminded from time to time about how to create great questions. Here are some gems Rockwell mentioned that I think are worth repeating: Continue reading

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Developing a Coaching Mindset

The best sales managers I know have adopted a coaching mindset—and engage their employees not as managers but as coaches. I was thinking about this coaching mindset as I read Dan Rockwell’s blog about leadership using the term “go-giver” leaders (Practices of Go-Giver Leaders). He made the point that a go-giver leader starts each personal interaction by first thinking, “How might I give?” rather than thinking “How can I take?” In my opinion, this is a great mindset for all leaders and managers to develop. Continue reading

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Would Your Customers Say You Are Among the 8% of the Truly Customer-Focused?

Many of us think we have a customer-focused approach when we really don’t. In his book The Ultimate Question, Fred Reichheld cites research that confirms there is a big disconnect between what we believe and what our customers think. 80% of senior managers felt their organizations were customer-focused and provided superior customer experiences. However, when their customers were surveyed, only 8% of their customers agreed. 80% versus 8%—that’s quite a disparity. What’s missing? Why aren’t we as customer-focused as we think we are? Continue reading

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Those Who Tell Stories Rule—Based on Science

“Those who tell the stories rule society.” [Plato]. In my mind, there’s a corollary to that saying, which is “Those who tell stories rule—when selling and persuading.”  Why is this true?

Storytelling is an effective way to generate excitement. It’s also a great way to influence and persuade someone to your way of thinking. Managers who share stories can testify how effective they are—especially when getting your team impassioned about your vision. Continue reading

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Success is a Team Sport: The 3 Qualities of a Great Team

The Villanova win in March Madness was amazing to watch—especially with our regional office located in nearby Malvern, PA. What a game and such excitement till the last second! No wonder the fans went wild. Great win for a team based in teamwork and respect for their coach.

It reminded me of another great basketball game between Virginia Tech and Florida State I was privileged to watch in person. It also kept you on the edge of your seat—with less than 9 minutes remaining in the game, the Virginia Tech Hokies trailed 64-58. Yet they won the game with a score of 83 to 73. Florida State had better players and more talent yet they lost. What made the difference? Teamwork. Continue reading

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