The Biggest Problem When Communicating

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” [George Bernard Shaw] How true! It’s no wonder that so much of our time at work is spent clarifying or fixing what has been miscommunicated. Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Add “Build Business Relationships” to Your to-do List

Building business relationships is not an item that appears on most people’s to-do list. But perhaps it should be. While some might struggle with how to justify taking time away from “work” to devote their effort to building relationships, there are some plausible reasons to do so. Perhaps the best reason is that you can’t get your job done effectively without them. Continue reading

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What Leaders and Sales People have in Common

Perhaps it’s because I’m more aware of them, but it seems to me that more and more articles are being written about how to be a good leader. And I find many of the points that experts cite about what is needed to excel as a leader can also apply to selling.

Jay A. Conger, author Winning Em Over, makes an interesting point about how leaders need to deal with gray areas. Leaders are responsible for making decisions in situations where there are no black and white answers. And in my mind, that’s very similar to selling. Continue reading

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You believe in your product. Does your customer?

I think we tend to underestimate the power of beliefs. The goal of selling is to change our customer’s behavior. We can’t change anyone’s behavior unless we change their beliefs. The simple truth is that we act based on what we think and believe. And as sales people we have the power to influence another’s beliefs. Continue reading

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Are You Self-Aware? Here’s Why You Should Be

I’m a big believer in lifelong learning. That’s one of the reasons why I subscribe to blogs and email updates from people I respect. One of these is Valerie Sokolosky, who sent an interesting email about self-awareness that got me thinking.

Valerie’s article stressed that leaders need to be self-aware. My contention is that being self-aware shouldn’t pertain to just leaders. Every person who strives to excel needs to be self-aware and nowhere is this more important than in selling. Continue reading

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Can Einstein’s Advice Help you Sell?

I’m a firm believer in the power of stories. And when I heard this story about Albert Einstein, I thought it was rather intriguing and worth sharing. I love gaining insight into the mind of a genius.

The story takes place at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. After Einstein received an award from the college president, the audience was begging for a speech. Einstein reluctantly walked back to the podium and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I am very sorry but I have nothing to say.” Continue reading

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Overwhelmed by your to-do list at work? Warren Buffett may have the answer

I was quite surprised when my friend Buzz Williams shared Warren Buffett’s formula for success. (Actually he called it the Buffett formula of how to get smarter.) As a reader of many self-help books and a constant seeker of the latest ideas shared by thought leaders, I find that many of the suggestions about how to be successful are basically the same. And it’s not that Buffett’s idea is so different—it’s that his formula is rather unique. Continue reading

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Why sales people shouldn’t think like lawyers

I’m a firm believer in learning. And I often find that we can be more effective if we borrow some great ideas from subjects outside our own area of expertise. But some times what works in one discipline just doesn’t translate well—and this applies to lawyers and sales people. Continue reading

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Sometimes We Need a Dose of Common Sense

There are times we read about how to improve our business or increase sales and think, “This is full of common sense. Why don’t I do this?” That’s a good question. I guess one of the flaws of being human is that we need to be reminded about these common sense rules and how to apply them. And that’s exactly what my friend Geoffrey James does in his recently published book: Business Without The Bullsh*t: 49 Secrets and Shortcuts You Need to Know. This one is destined to be a best seller. Continue reading

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Can you build a close relationship in 45 minutes?

Building a relationship requires time. That simple concept is widely accepted. So I was really curious when I read Michael Simmons’ blog To Create a Real Connection, Show Vulnerability in which he cited research about developing a relationship in 45 minutes. Continue reading

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