The Power of Thanks

Thanksgiving comes but once a year and for most people, it is quite a cherished time. We often get to spend time with our families and friends, feel the power of love and connection, and receive a genuine sense of belonging.

Thanksgiving is almost always an uplifting time and it seems a shame that we can’t have these powerful feelings more often. I’m not sure that we need a Thanksgiving Holiday each month or each quarter but I do believe if we spend more time being thankful for our blessings, our loved ones and our friends, we could connect more often with those powerful feelings that lift us (and them) up. Continue reading

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3 Key Traits of Likeable Leaders—And Why You Want to Be One

There’s a saying in sales that’s been proven true throughout the years—people prefer to do business with those they like. Not surprisingly, people have the same feeling about their leaders—they want to like them. Not only are likeable leaders more popular but they are also prone to outperform those who aren’t—and by a wide margin. Continue reading

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The Futility of Relying Solely On Facts to Sell

“Selling is a thinking person’s game.” To many in sales, this saying confirms their inclination to rely on facts and figures. But the reality is that it’s emotions that get customers to buy.

Although we may understand this concept intellectually, it’s not so easy to implement. My friend, David Palmberg, recently shared this story about how he convinced one of his sales representatives to use emotion as an integral part of his sales conversation. Continue reading

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How To Ask More Effective Questions—By Tapping Into Your Innate Human Quality

Asking effective questions can be challenging. It’s a skill that professional talk show hosts and news interviewers spend years honing and refining. So how can we make it easier on ourselves to ask great questions? After I read Dan Rockwell’s blog, “How To Develop Feelings Of Curiosity”, I thought one solution might be to leverage our innate curiosity. Continue reading

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Is Being a Leader the Same as Being a Coach?

We often talk about how managers need to be great leaders and in the same breath, how they also need to be great coaches. In fact, we often use the words leader and coach interchangeably. Are they the same or is there a difference between coaching and leading?

While coaching and leadership are intrinsically linked, I believe they are different. And I also believe to be truly effective you MUST separate them when you train on how to lead or how to coach.  In a nutshell, leadership is defined as establishing a vision and helping others understand the path to achieve that vision. Coaching is more personal and focused on providing direction to help individuals become better. Continue reading

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Which Is Harder: Selling or Coaching Sales Representatives to be Successful in Selling?

Selling is often called a thinking person’s game. Ask any sales person and they’ll tell you that selling is hard work. Successful sales people possess a multitude of skills and continue to work hard to hone those skills. The quest for selling excellence is truly never ending. And although selling can be challenging, I believe being a sales leader/coach is even more so. Continue reading

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Good Ideas— What’s Missing from Making Them Great Ideas?

My good friend Coach Buzz Williams shared a tweet recently that really resonated with me, “Good ideas have no value because the world has too many. The market rewards execution, not ideas. Concentrate on ideas you can execute.”

It does seem like there’s a big gap between having a great idea and then bringing that idea to fruition. If you were so inclined to take some time to sit down and think about it, you’d likely recall some great ideas that you’ve had. But often, that’s all they were—ideas. Continue reading

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T—Is That What You Want A Little Of?

In one of her more famous songs, Aretha Franklin shared that all she wanted was a little “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”!  It turns out that not only did she have a hit on her hands, but she was also really on to something. … Continue reading

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What Business Can Learn From World Cup Soccer

When the U.S. women’s soccer team won the coveted World Cup, Sports Illustrated acknowledged their achievements by publishing 25 different magazine covers—one for the coach, one for each player, and one for the team in its entirety. It was their way of acknowledging the accomplishments of this remarkable team. Those of us in the U.S. probably felt especially proud because our team won in a world where soccer is THE sport. (In fact, I recall one cardinal lamenting that football (what we call soccer) is the religion of Italy.) Continue reading

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“I only have 30 seconds”

“I only have 30 seconds.” Unfortunately, this is something that physicians tend to say with some regularity to representatives. So what exactly can you accomplish in 30 seconds? Quite a bit if you view this short amount of time as the opportunity it is.

A good start is to understand why you are limited to 30 seconds. It’s probably due to the inane conversations this doctor has had with other sales representatives. Unfortunately, what these representatives had to say could actually be captured in 30 seconds and the physician’s time is too valuable to give any more than that for future conversations. Continue reading

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