Small Differences That Matter

Last week’s blog was a milestone—it was my 200th blog. Unfortunately though, that blog about small changes that can propel you from good to great contained a small error. Even though it was minor, its significance has propelled me to write this follow up blog. Continue reading

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Can a Small Change Propel You from Good to Great?

The reality is that great sales people aren’t doing things dramatically different than what good sales people are doing. They are just doing some small things that make them significantly better. Continue reading

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4 Ways to Make Networking Work for You

Some people don’t get it. They don’t truly understand how important each person is. They don’t value the power of networking. And they don’t know how to network well which is probably why the blog, “Networking for Dummies: 4 Habits Your Contacts Hate” was written. Continue reading

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Never Give Up—the Chris Otule Story

Obstacles are necessary for success. We may not like it but we do learn best from our failures. Or so the philosophers tell us. But how do we know when enough is enough and stop trying? Continue reading

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Your Choice of Words Reveals More Than You Think

Do the words we choose truly matter? If we use one word in place of another, does it really make a difference? You just might be surprised by how much word choice matters—both in how well we perform and how successful we are in influencing others. Continue reading

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Questioning is the Answer

“Want to be more innovative? Ask better questions”. That’s the title of a blog by Leigh Buchanan. Asking better questions seems to be the answer to a wide variety of things we want to accomplish in selling, such as Continue reading

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What the Olympics can Teach us about Job Effectiveness

The month of February found many of us glued to our TVs (and iPods, iPhones, etc.) watching the 2014 Winter Olympics. It was exciting. It was emotional. Hopes were dashed while others nearly burst with elation. Around the water cooler or when grabbing a cup of coffee, the discussion revolved around who won, who lost, and wasn’t that weather crazy. But now that it’s all over, it can be a good time to reflect. I’ll bet the first thought that pops into your mind is not, “What can the Olympics teach me to help me do my job better?” but I think that’s one of the greatest aspects of the Olympics. Continue reading

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What Great Sales People and Great Leaders have in Common

As I was rereading Tom Asacker’s book,”The Business of Beliefs“, I was reminded that great sales people and great leaders really aren’t that different. Continue reading

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Why it Pays to Be Brief

Most business professionals stop listening to a presentation almost as soon as it begins—within 60 seconds (according to expert Joe McCormack). It’s not any better if you send an email—they’ll stop reading it after 30 seconds. And what is perhaps most alarming is that they stop listening to colleagues after 15 seconds. If that’s the way they treat their colleagues, how much time do you think they’ll give to those of us in sales? Continue reading

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No One Buys Unless They Are Listening

Are your customers listening to what you are saying? If they aren’t, then they aren’t buying. Because no one buys unless they are listening.

What makes our customers want to listen to us? It really boils down to 2 reasons: Continue reading

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