What Business Can Learn From World Cup Soccer

When the U.S. women’s soccer team won the coveted World Cup, Sports Illustrated acknowledged their achievements by publishing 25 different magazine covers—one for the coach, one for each player, and one for the team in its entirety. It was their way of acknowledging the accomplishments of this remarkable team. Those of us in the U.S. probably felt especially proud because our team won in a world where soccer is THE sport. (In fact, I recall one cardinal lamenting that football (what we call soccer) is the religion of Italy.) Continue reading

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“I only have 30 seconds”

“I only have 30 seconds.” Unfortunately, this is something that physicians tend to say with some regularity to representatives. So what exactly can you accomplish in 30 seconds? Quite a bit if you view this short amount of time as the opportunity it is.

A good start is to understand why you are limited to 30 seconds. It’s probably due to the inane conversations this doctor has had with other sales representatives. Unfortunately, what these representatives had to say could actually be captured in 30 seconds and the physician’s time is too valuable to give any more than that for future conversations. Continue reading

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How to Coach for Growth

How can we help others improve? That’s a question leaders often have top of mind. And they continue to ask themselves this because there’s no easy answer. Let’s face it, people are complex. As leaders we must ask ourselves, is there a way to break through all of life’s distractions and personal issues to coach someone to be the best they can be? Continue reading

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Focus on Understanding Not Persuading

Many in sales consider themselves quite the expert in communicating. It’s something they get to practice daily as they engage their customers. But I wonder how many of them know the true purpose of communicating. Contrary to what some may say, the purpose of communication is not persuasion; but rather understanding. When you engage your customers with the goal of gaining understanding, you’ve entered a whole new realm of engagement. Continue reading

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Curiosity as a Competency

Do you remember how inquisitive you were as a child? It seems that little ones are constantly asking questions and seeking to learn more. Too bad we had that curiosity drilled out of us over the years, because it seems that this character trait will help us be more successful as adults. Continue reading

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What and How – Communication Keys

Words Matter! It’s an important mantra around here at Delta Point. I’m a big proponent of investing the time to choose just the right words when communicating. And in today’s technological world, it seems that words are gaining in importance as we connect with others whether via email or social media. In these cases, it’s all about the words because you can only interpret what is printed on the page or screen. Continue reading

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When Small is Bad

I’m a big advocate of “small”. I believe that small changes can lead to big results. That it’s better to ask for a small commitment than a large one. That it’s easier to take small steps than large strides to reach your goal. Usually small is better—but not always, as a recent study confirmed. Continue reading

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Seeing the “No See” Physician

It can be frustrating when you arrive at a physician’s office and are told, “Sorry, Dr. A doesn’t see drug reps.” While traditionally we have been taught to woo the gatekeeper, they are usually fairly adept at keeping sales people out.  But don’t give up. There are ways you can see a “no see” physician—and if you make that first interaction with them meaningful, you just might be one of a very small select group of sales specialists who they value and get access on a regular basis. Continue reading

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Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs, Meg Whitman: What do they have in common?

What do Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs, and Meg Whitman have in common? This diverse group has been identified among the 50 best salespeople of all time. And quite surprisingly (to me), I’m included in that list of great sales people. Continue reading

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Trust and Competence—Why Leaders Need Them

When I read Dan Rockwell’s blog The 7 Judgments All Leaders Face, I was impressed by how Rockwell categorized these 7 judgments into 2 essential qualities of leadership—warmth and competence. Those aren’t the adjectives most people would use to describe leaders. Although I would tweak these qualities slightly (to trust and competence), I believe these are worthy of further discussion. Continue reading

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