Delta Points®of Sales Excellence

Sales professionals know that any degree of sales excellence is based on multiple factors:

  • How the sales associate interacts with the customer
  • How to make each call productive for both the sales professional and the customer
  • How to engage customers in language that they understand and want to hear

Delta Point has created a series of lessons — the Delta Points® of Sales Excellence — that are designed to bring a sales representative to that next level: a level where they become a respected ally who delivers value to the process.

The Delta Points® of Sales Excellence are the crucial principles of selling, influencing, and persuading that can be taught to your team wherever they are, anywhere in the world. This unique approach to developing sales expertise delivers the philosophies, approaches and elements that will help to differentiate you and/or your organization to be truly focused on sales excellence and customer-centric selling.

The lessons are designed for optimum flexibility with minimal time out of territory for sales associates. Lessons can be used alone or in combination. The list below provides the title of each lesson. To learn more about these lessons, read the Delta Points® of Sales Excellence brochure . Some lessons are best provided in tandem with others on the list. Please contact us for recommendations of which combinations will work best to attain your goals. These are the pearls of Delta Point method, designed to be easily understood and incorporated into a sales rep’s delivery.

  • What is Selling?
  • Intent is Everything
  • KMR – Knowledge, Messaging and Relationships
  • Meaningful Dialogue
  • Words Matter
  • Unassailable Positioning
  • The Quality of Your Questions
  • Managing the Content and Conditions
  • What is Your Story?
  • What are the Differences and When Do They Matter?
  • The Quality of the Close
  • Effective Bridging/Transition Statements
  • Interesting Openings Create Buyer’s Interest
  • Mindset Matters
  • Handling Objections

For more information on each of these lessons, please download the Delta Points® of Sales Excellence brochure.

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