The Relationship Edge®Training

The Relationship Edge® is an innovative, fast-paced instructional workshop based on the best selling book The Relationship Edge in Business. The skills taught during this workshop have been field tested with over 5,000 sales executives in myriad industries. Recent graduates report staggering sales increases of up to 400%.

The Relationship Edge® is the only training program in the marketplace that teaches sales professionals exactly how to build meaningful and lasting one-on-one relationships with their customers — relationships that yield successful sales results.

Every sales organization can significantly benefit from The Relationship Edge® training and The Relationship Pyramid Process, a three step process guaranteed to help you improve your dialogue time in front of customers. The comprehensive full-day program includes:

  • Three steps to a process for building good business relationships
  • Six levels of business relationships — the Relationship Pyramid®
  • The Link 20® — 20 questions that result in finding common ground
  • Specific actions resulting from The Link 20®
  • 13 Sure-Fire Ways to Gain Respect of Others
  • The best way to leverage established relationships
  • How to bridge the gap from personal to business discussions
  • Implementation and accountability for managers

A half day program which covers the basics is also available.


An inspiring training session alone will not guarantee results. To achieve ultimate success in the workplace, a six-week follow-up program is included with the Relationship Edge® training package. We provide all the necessary materials and can personally conduct the follow-up program for you. Or, you have the option to allow your managers to conduct the follow-up with the easy-to-use materials we supply. Either way, follow-up is crucial to success.

Program flexibility

The Relationship Edge® can be customized for your specific organizational needs including industry-specific language, e-learning via our proprietary collaborative site or blended learning solutions.

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