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The Buzz on Being A Winner

blackboard with success written on it in chalk

There is no one else I know more passionate about “getting better” than my friend, Coach Buzz Williams. Buzz, who is the basketball coach at Virginia Tech, has given new life to the program there within the last 4 years. As of this year, his team has won 20 games for the third year in a row, and they will likely be in the NCAA tournament for the second consecutive year.

So, why is he so successful?

I’ve learned over the last 8 years of knowing and communicating with him, that he’s kept the right mindset for achieving what his talent has in store for him. About a month ago, he sent me a document that I read, again, tonight, and 3 quotes jumped out at me. These quotes spoke to the essence of why people do not succeed when they have talent to do so.

“The mediocre have a very narrow perception of reality, and in turn, their lives. They see things as they are, not how they can be.” – Ryan Holiday

To me, this is why mastering the art of setting and achieving stretch goals is so important. Most people who have extraordinary success aren’t just lucky that they have exquisite clarity about what they want to accomplish. It takes work. I actually teach “How to Set and Achieve Stretch Goals” in my virtual training program. If you put into action what I learned to do and what Buzz teaches his players, you will learn to achieve extraordinary things.

“With just a few small changes to your life, you could enter into the top 5% to 10% of your field. The competition is extremely low! Amazing, extraordinary opportunities are abundant, because so few people ever take the steps to discover them.” -Anthony More.

I always say, “Everybody wants to be a success, but most people are not willing to do what it takes to become a success.” Most people don’t understand that, if you don’t master how to do these 3 things, your likelihood of huge success will be a big uphill climb.


  • Build valuable business relationships, especially with people you don’t naturally connect with (in business, that will be 60-75% of everyone you interact with).
  • Learn to be convincing and persuasive without being pushy and aggressive.


“You can become one of the few truly successful people in the world by taking your self-education and learning seriously. In a world of mediocrity, you can become extraordinary with only a few simple tweaks.” – Anthony More

A college diploma credentials you, but it doesn’t make you a great candidate for most jobs that require any degree of human contact. Employers want people who want to be extraordinary, are lifelong learners, and have a grasp on skills that no one ever taught them in college or high school.

My virtual training platform at can give you more information about how to learn what you need to master by being great at those interpersonal and goal setting skills. Make sure you are part of the few that excel and experience true success.

Set Yourself Apart Professionally

It doesn’t matter what your profession is. The 3 skills I listed are necessary for success. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the middle of your career, wondering why you’re stuck and not as successful as your talent demands. Start by self-educating.

Leaders are Readers.

Check out It’s the best business book summary service I have found. All the great business books are there and are summarized in audio, video, or text (for some, all 3). It is affordable, and you can subscribe for a very low price. (Plus, it takes 12 minutes.) You’ll receive a book a day and a 3-month free trial that gives you access to 12 books. Check it out.

Do what others won’t do, and success will be yours.

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