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Jerry Acuff's Inner Circle

How To Deal With Your Most Difficult Sales Challenges

How to Deal with Your Most Difficult Sales Challenges is a one of a kind, exclusive program from Jerry Acuff, best-selling author and #3 ranked sales professional in the World. This 12-week course has never been offered before, so don’t miss your chance, sign up today!

This 3 month course begins on: 11/1/2020
7:30 PM Eastern Time

This program is not for everyone.

This program is for those who truly want to:

  • Set themselves apart from their peers
  • Provide differentiated value to their customers
  • Overcome obstacles that hinder the competition
  • Significantly improve their sales performance
  • Gain an unfair, competitive advantage in their industry

this is an exclusive event, only the first 50 people to sign up will be in Jerry’s Inner Circle.

A message from Jerry Acuff

Jerry Acuff

For 12 weeks of work with me, your commitment is only $600. That’s it. I’m sure you have heard about, or maybe have even been through, other sales programs that cost thousands of dollars, but I wanted to offer something affordable to sales professionals like you while also covering my time and costs.

Now if you think $600 is too much to invest in yourself, your career, and your success, then you’re not thinking big enough. Either you are improving or staying the same. And if you are staying the same, things will not get better, only worse.

Bottom line – If you feel you didn’t get any value from this program, I will refund your money.

So, how do you think you’d fare in a situational role-play with someone who was named one of the top 50 salespeople of all time? Do you have what it takes? Sign up and let’s find out. I look forward to getting to know you and to starting our work together.

Jerry Acuff

Here’s What’s Included in the Program:

  • 9 sessions of interactive, in depth online meetings and discussions with Jerry (the sessions are conducted via Zoom)
  • You will take what you learn, apply it, and receive feedback
  • Sales challenges
  • Weekly posts from Jerry, check-ins, Q&A, messages, lessons, and group discussions
  • Networking opportunities… this will be a group of individuals you will want to connect with
  • Get first access to future groups and upcoming events
  • Exclusive access to Jerry. Your question wasn’t answered during the group session? You’ll be able to reach out to Jerry directly.


Named one of the 50 greatest sales people of all time

Awarded CEO of the Year in Arizona in 2016, 2017, and 2018

Author of 4 best-selling business books

Speaks to thousands of sales people each year in all industries teaching sales excellence

Formerly VP of Sales for a $650M company with 520 sales representatives

Named Best Pharmaceutical Marketing CEO in North America in 2017

His firm was named the International Strategic Advisory Firm of the year in both 2016 and 2017

Rated # 3 sales expert in the world (rated in the top 15 for the last 5 consecutive years)

CEO of a 15-person sales consulting firm that has worked with 15 of the top 100 brands in the world


Jerry Acuff - My Committment

When Does It Start?

Our work begins November 1, 2020 7:30 PM (EST).

Who is Jerry Acuff?

Jerry Acuff, best-selling author and #3 ranked sales expert in the World.

For more than 19 years, the world’s best sales professionals and companies have trusted me and my firm to help them deliver remarkable results. We’ve done it time and time again for them, and I will personally do it for you.

Who Will Get In?

The first 50 to sign up. We will not go forward if we don’t get 50 members to my Inner Circle.

What the Inner Circle is NOT?

  • I’m not going to teach you basic sales skills. You can get that elsewhere.
  • I’m not going to bring in a bunch of guest speakers. If you are signing up, you are here to work directly with me and maybe one other guest and that’s what you will get.

What the Inner Circle IS?

  • I’m teaching you selling wisdom, based on my decades of experience with thousands of elite sales professionals and leaders.
  • I’m teaching you how to get buy in from customers and prospects like never before.
  • I’ll be teaching you how to ask questions that people WANT to answer and answer truthfully. That is a golden key to success in selling.
  • I’m teaching you how to get commitments and not be pushy.
  • I’m teaching how to actually use what you learn, not just take a bunch of notes.

My Investment In YOU

  • For 12 weeks, I will give you my time, my commitment, and the knowledge I’ve gained
  • I will listen to you and I will help you.
  • I will train you on how to approach even the most difficult sales challenges
  • I will give you content you’ve never heard and challenges you’ve never seen
  • I will hold you accountable for the work we are doing
  • I will talk to you the way I talk to the elite sales professionals who seek my advice
  • I will show you how much better you can be, no matter how good you may already be

Apply Today! Seats are Limited


Jerry would have been worth 3 times that much for the information that he gave. ….I learned more in that one hour that Jerry talked than I have in 5 years worth of training and meetings in the industry. Truly the best money ever spent.

Walter Maguire
Division Sales Manager

You are the most impressive sales consultant I have ever met in my over 20 years in the business. I am so impressed how you have boiled the art of selling down. You are the very best and every company would be crazy not to hire you for everything they sell and for every sales leadership team they have.

Leonard Mazur

Many thanks for the very inspirational and highly effective presentation that you did for the Triax team. Your insight into the selling process is unrivaled. I believe that you provided us with a defining moment that will spark a cultural change in our sales force.

Sales Representative

It is with a great deal of passion and gratitude that I write to you a personal note of thanks. The session ‘Selling [Product]’ WHICH YOU VERY ENERGETICALLY CONDUCTED AT OUR LAUNCH WAS THE SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE AND SIGNIFICANT PRESENTATION I HAVE EVER ATTENDED. Thank you for making a difference.