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Gold Package:
Coaching Selling Excellence

Includes Selling Excellence, Relationship Edge, and Goal Setting – $1295

Coaching selling is uniquely different than general coaching and is exponentially more difficult than selling. Coaching selling excellence is really the linchpin for organizations who want to improve their sales results. More and more studies have confirmed that sales managers hold the key to driving sales results—they accomplish this by helping their sales people develop their selling skills.

This course will teach sales managers how to improve their coaching selling IQ, create strategic and actionable blueprints, and build trusted connections with their sales people so they can develop a culture of selling excellence within their team.

The key lies in learning how to identify which skills you should focus on for each individual sales person and how to coach to those specific skills. You’ll learn why it’s vital to sharpen your selling skills and why the best way to improve your sales results is by developing the skill level of each member of your team. You’ll learn how to coach the critical skills of opening, questioning and closing in multiple real-world scenario role plays. In addition, you’ll receive access to a wealth of materials designed to improve selling skills and train you how to coach when it matters most—when you are working with your sales people in the field. It will be nearly impossible not to improve your coaching ability and your sales results after completing these courses.

What’s Included:

  • Coaching Selling Overview
  • Coaching Selling IQ
  • Actionable Blueprint
  • Trusted Connection
  • Focused Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • LAPD Overview—How to Coach Specific Selling Skills
  • The LAPD Process for Openings
  • The LAPD Process for Questioning
  • The LAPD Process for Closing
  • Coaching Selling Excellence Conclusion