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The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 23: The Beat of Your Drum with Staci Nichols

What can you learn from a professional DJ? Quite a bit, considering Staci Nichols, aka DJ Staci, isn’t just concerned with the best tunes for a wedding. She’ll teach you about the power of knowing where to find your audience, the benefit of working…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 22: Conversation, Not Campaign with Brooke B. Sellas

From running social media fundraisers for cystic fibrosis to crafting “campaigns” for big business, Brooke B. Sellas has been a rockstar of the digital world for many years. One of her first pieces of advice is to ditch the idea of the social media…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 21: The Need to be Curious with Calvin Wayman

Being curious is essential to being a great entrepreneur. Calvin Wayman even hosts his own podcast about it! Learn from one of the top young entrepreneurs why he broke out on his own, what is the key to making an impact on social media,…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 20: What Is Enough? with Dr. Kevin Elko

Who mentors the mentor? Who coaches the coach? How do the winners keep winning? That’s the topic when Jerry sits down with Dr. Kevin Elko; an author, speaker, and professional sports consultant who mentors some of the biggest sports teams in the world (including…