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The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 17: Giving & Getting with Kevin Kruse

Every entrepreneur knows that failure is a part of the process- something Kevin Kruse learned after his first venture failed at just 22 years old. But Kevin had another thing all entrepreneurs need- resolve. Now he’s a New York Times Bestselling Author, a successful…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 16: Chief Improvement Officer with Andrew Louder

Entrepreneurs are known for their innate ability to innovate, operate, and take big risks. When you’ve got that many plates to spin, how do you know where you need improvement? Jerry sits down with Andrew Louder, CEO of Louder Co., and entrepreneur consulting firm…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 15: The Magic of Thinking Big with Sarah Lynch

Jerry sits down with Baja Bean Company owner (and Staunton Harry Potter Festival organizer) Sarah Lynch to talk about making time for both your job and your hobbies, finding (and keeping) the right mindset for personal success, and discuss why it’s so important to…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 14: Entrepreneurs on DEC with Trey Bowles

Jerry sits down with Trey Bowles, CEO and co-founder of the Dallas Entrepreneur Center. How can a co-working space be more than simply a place to set up shop? What’s the power of a network? What is the one thing that an entrepreneur needs…