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The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 8: Wind Me Up and Let Me Loose with Kathleen DeNooyer

Jerry dives into the intricacies of Networking by sitting down with Dallas Junior Chamber of Commerce Vice-President Kathleen DeNooyer to talk about the ways young professionals are networking today, the mindset needed to create new relationships, and the networking tricks everybody forgets that could…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 5: Hearing and Listening (Guest: Dan Snyder)

Jerry talks to Delta Point Medical Director Dan Snyder about the difference between hearing and listening, why it’s more important to be heard than to hear, and how you can learn to suspend your assumption bias to start thinking like a customer.

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 4: The Question for Sales Leaders

To coach or to sell? That’s the question as Jerry talks to Matt Murphy, vice president at Delta Point. Should you be focused on training your team members, or should you be focused on generating sales and leads? Also, what’s one of the clearest…