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Named one of the 50 greatest sales people of all time
Awarded CEO of the Year in Arizona in 2016, 2017, and 2018
Author of 4 best-selling business books
Speaks to thousands of sales people each year in all industries teaching sales excellence
Formerly VP of Sales for a $650M company with 520 sales representatives
Named Best Pharmaceutical Marketing CEO in North America in 2017
His firm was named the International Strategic Advisory Firm of the year in both 2016 and 2017
Rated # 3 sales expert in the world (rated in the top 15 for the last 5 consecutive years)
CEO of a 15-person sales consulting firm that has worked with 15 of the top 100 brands in the world

Jerry Acuff has been consulting and speaking extensively on the issues of sales and marketing excellence for over 30 years. He knows what it is like to be a frustrated sales person starting out in sales (which is how he began). Through the years he has learned the secrets of how to be successful in selling as well as how to help others maximize their sales potential.

Jerry embodies his philosophy of Thinking Like a Customer. It is important to view your sales interactions through the eyes of your customers. He advocates being “other focused”—caring more about the customer than about the sale. This is the approach that Jerry takes with his clients.

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The Relationship Edge
The Relationship Edge
8 May, 2017

The Relationship Edge® is the only training program in the marketplace that teaches sales professionals exactly how to build meaningful and lasting one-on-one relationships with their customers.

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What Employees Want in a Supervisor
What Employees Want in a Supervisor
8 May, 2017

Jerry Acuff has created a series of lessons that are designed to bring a sales representative to that next level: a level where they become a respected ally who delivers value to the process.

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Jerry would have been worth 3 times that much for the information that he gave. ….I learned more in that one hour that Jerry talked than I have in 5 years worth of training and meetings in the industry. Truly the best money ever spent.

Walter Maguire
Division Sales Manager

You are the most impressive sales consultant I have ever met in my over 20 years in the business. I am so impressed how you have boiled the art of selling down. You are the very best and every company would be crazy not to hire you for everything they sell and for every sales leadership team they have.

Leonard Mazur

Many thanks for the very inspirational and highly effective presentation that you did for the Triax team. Your insight into the selling process is unrivaled. I believe that you provided us with a defining moment that will spark a cultural change in our sales force.

Sales Representative

It is with a great deal of passion and gratitude that I write to you a personal note of thanks. The session ‘Selling [Product]’ WHICH YOU VERY ENERGETICALLY CONDUCTED AT OUR LAUNCH WAS THE SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE AND SIGNIFICANT PRESENTATION I HAVE EVER ATTENDED. Thank you for making a difference.