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The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 28: Next Steps with David Mammano

One thing leads to another…that’s one of the lessons you can learn when you look at the career of David Mammano. Hear about how bouncing from passion to passion finally brought him around to his true love of selling, and how a phone call…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 27: Virtual Success with Tony Capullo

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and small business is developing the talent of your employees. With all the time spent running the business, are you able to spare an employee for endless seminars to help them improve? This is where Tony Capullo…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 26: Fanning the Flames with Jeremy Veatch

Jeremy Veatch is a business adviser, management consultant, and the founder of his own consulting firm “Ironwood Ventures,” but he doesn’t think of himself as an entrepreneur. He believes in fanning the flames instead of starting the fire. He also believes taking on capital…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 25: Employees are The Thing with John Kemper

Treating people with respect…it’s one of the biggest things you can do as a small business owner. Especially when it comes to your employees. John Kemper, long-time friend and successful entrepreneur, didn’t even own his own company until he was 57. But in that…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 24: Old Tricks, New Dogs with Christopher Penn

Looking ahead at this summer’s box office, it’s safe to say that superheroes have officially taken over as our society’s favorite form of entertainment. They’ve got fun super powers, fascinating gadgets, and even cool catchphrases. But what is it about superheroes that makes them…