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The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 36: Passing Down Knowledge With Louis Day

The best thing to do with knowledge is to share it. To that end, Louis Day sat down to write a book about business for his children. Where did the idea come from? How important is your mindset? And what matters more – talent…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 35: Getting to the Heart of the Matter with Jim Moose

Jim Moose is an innovative business leader with extensive experience in the medical industry. In 2001, his wife was diagnosed with Myocarditis, which led Jim to start the Myocarditis foundation. Most recently, Jim co-founded his third for-profit business, LeukoLife DX, a medical diagnostic company…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 34: Hiring Up! with Casey Hasten

Hiring the right person for a job can be tough. Hiring the right person to find the right person can be even tougher. Fortunately, that’s where Casey Hasten comes in. She’s a recruiting manager at VIP Search and Solutions, an executive recruitment firm that…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 33: Big Girl Shoes with Lea Woodford

She’s been nicknamed “The Connector,” but her real strength might be her ability to break out of the box that society has made for her. Lea Woodford is the CEO and Founder of SmartFem, and she says that since she was a little girl,…

The Jerry Acuff Show
Episode 32: Rebuilding a Brand with Mark Godfrey

 What goes into creating a brand? How do you define it? Do you spend as much time as you should thinking about it? Mark Godfrey is the owner of Parker Madison, a “brand (re)engineering agency” as they call it. Mark tells us how…