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Don’t Let Tomorrow Get Ahead of You


Use Today’s Virtual Training for Tomorrow’s Success

Keeping pace with tomorrow is getting harder and harder, but it’s more important today than ever before. All of us, especially as adults, have to keep learning and growing, or the world will pass us by. The internet and the amount of information out there explodes daily in the form of blogs, podcasts, online training, you name it. Those who take advantage of this new reality in virtual online training by experts are staying in the know.

Expert Knowledge at Your Fingertips

William Draves is the President of Learning Resources Network and an expert on Adult Learning. Almost 29 years ago, the publisher of his book, “Teaching Online” (published in 1999) said that, “The Internet is the biggest technological change in education and learning since the advent of the printed book some 500 years ago.”

In November of 2012, the MIT Technology review said the biggest innovation in the last 200 years was online training.

It’s fascinating how much online training has evolved dramatically since both of these quotes were written. The latest development, and I think a bigger advance than they ever imagined, was virtual training by EXPERTS.

Sales Training: Starting at the Top

Would you rather be taught how to sell by one of the top sales experts in the world or a sales trainer just promoted from the field?

Would you rather be taught entrepreneurship by someone who ran a small business or by Daymond John from Shark Tank, who is a billionaire?

As I’m writing this, I’m at a conference in Las Vegas. Over the next 2 days, I’m spending my time with real life experts in 20 to 30 different fields who have virtual training programs on the Lightspeed VT platform, which is the best there is.

The Right Knowledge Changes Behavior

All of this is so important because this kind of training changes behavior and flushes out those who are satisfied with mediocrity.

Here’s the truth: Great training in a seminar or a 2-day session is purely exposure. That’s all.

Nearly 80% of everything you “learn” in those sessions you will forget in 30 days. If you want great training that lasts, changes behavior, and removes excuses for mediocrity, it will take these 4 major components:

  • World Class Content
  • Repetition
  • Practice
  • Accountability

Whatever You Want to Learn, Find THAT Expert

If you want to be great at selling without being pushy and aggressive, go to and explore my virtual training in various topics under that umbrella. If you’d like to learn entrepreneurship, check out Daymond John’s system.  

Whatever you want to learn, find a real expert with a virtual online training course. If you do that, you won’t just keep pace with tomorrow, you’ll outrun 99% of your competitors.

That is being incredible.

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