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Some Things (Should) Never Change.


The pace of change in our world today is faster than ever. Technology, the internet, innovative thinking and just old-fashioned ingenuity all play a role in how rapidly the world is transforming.

Just 30 years ago, things were different.

  • There were pay phones; today, they don’t exist.
  • Many bookstores are now out of business, while Amazon thrives.
  • Kodak used to be a huge company, with pictures and cameras everywhere. Phones have put them out of business.
  • Robots and automation are becoming commonplace.
  • Cars that drive themselves will be here before you know it.
  • Airbnb is now the biggest hotel company in the world, and they don’t own a single property.
  • Yellow cab has lost millions to Uber and Lyft; Uber doesn’t even own a car, yet they are the biggest taxi service in the world.

The Exponential Age

As one author put it, we are in the “exponential age.” The margin for error is growing increasingly smaller, and we must be at our best to do our best. Because of this, the future will demand our best, and knowing how to succeed in any situation will be, as it always has been, crucial.

Things That Won’t (And Shouldn’t) Change

There are at least 3 things, or rather skills, that will be mandatory IF you are to succeed in today’s or even tomorrow’s world.

  1. Goal setting will always be important. That won’t change. Why? Because you can’t hit a target you don’t have. No matter when you need to succeed or how the world has changed, knowing how to set and achieve goals that stretch us to our full capability will be a necessity.
  2. Networking will always be necessary. Having a network of relationships that works for you personally AND professionally is vital to success. We need friends to be happy socially, and in that same way, we also need a network of valuable business relationships that can provide us mentors and contacts, who can and will help us find opportunity. Learning how to build, maintain and leverage relationships with INTENTION and DISCIPLINE will always be a best practice – and that won’t change.
  3. Be persuasive. Being persuasive, and convincing and understanding how to influence others with words and deeds will always be important. That won’t change. Regardless of how and when the world changes, all of us need to be good at getting our thoughts and ideas valued. This is how people get promoted, make more money, start new companies, get investors and succeed.

How will each of us fare in the new and rapidly changing world?

That depends on how adaptable we are and how much devotion we have to get better at the Big 3 Things that the laws of the universe say won’t change. Our future success depends on how we adapt and learn, and in turn, get better.

What are you going to get better at? Because, no matter the speed of change, some things never do.