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Why Most People Never Reach Their Full Potential

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There is greatness in you. I believe that about every person on the planet.

Despite the fact that everyone has greatness built in, the vast majority do not reach their full potential. Zig Ziglar used to say that we were designed for greatness and built to do incredible things.

So, why is it so few actually do, in spite of their capabilities and talents?

They Lack the Power of Goal Setting

I believe many people do not reach their full greatness because they fail to understand the power of goal setting–specifically for incredible achievement.

In my virtual training program, I teach 9 lessons on how to achieve extraordinary results, and I don’t mean making quota if you are in sales or getting a “satisfactory” performance appraisal. I am talking about how we can accomplish what we are truly capable of on a grand scale, things that most people only imagine.

I have studied this concept my entire business life, and the landmark book that helped me along the way is “Psycho Cybernetics”  by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. Having read it 69 times, I found it incredibly useful, as it’s devoted to learning how to activate our goal-seeking mechanism.

A Proper Mix of Goal Setting Rules

In my virtual training, I take all the great ideas I’ve learned from books like “Psycho Cybernetics” and marry them with others I have read and studied. From that research, I have concluded that there are 5 rules for setting goals to achieve extraordinary results. The 2 that I will mention here are very important but are only effective if matched with the other 3, which you can find at Jerry Acuff VT.

  1. Have exquisite clarity about what you want to accomplish. Then, be patient.  Most people overthink what they want to accomplish.

Worrying about progress is counterproductive. Remember that basically everything great in life takes longer than we expect. The most negative energy you can apply to the attainment of a goal is the pressure you put on yourself to achieve that goal. Get clear about what you want, and let your goal-seeking mechanism do the work. If it takes longer, it takes longer. This isn’t a race. It’s more like a test of patience, belief, action, and persistence in the face of adversity.

  1. Don’t talk yourself out of your goal. You come up with exactly what you want to accomplish, and your self talk says, “I can’t do that. I have no idea how I could ever do that.” Of course you have no idea. What Dr. Maltz teaches is that you do not need to see the end of the path to get on the path. Have faith that, as you pursue the strategies and tactics you feel make the most sense, your mind will open up. At the same time, you will meet people with ideas that drive you past what you even imagined. It’s just the way it works. Then, when you have achieved that goal, you will set a new one.

Becoming Great is an Investment in You

Goal setting starts with learning how others have done it. You can learn how I’ve done it via Jerry Acuff VT, where I have specific Goal Setting lessons for $39. If that’s too much for you, I highly recommend investing in the best books you can find on the topic, such as Dr. Maltz’s “Psycho Cybernetics.” And don’t just read it once.

Either way, you will discover new things about yourself and how to achieve extraordinary things. I went from a district manager to running a $650-million company in 5 years. I used my acquired 5 rules to build my own $10-million business and become one of the top 5 sales experts in the world.

Put simply: If this redneck from Memphis can do it, anyone can. That solidifies my faith in everyone’s internal greatness. Let the world see and experience it, and you will be making the kind of difference in this life you were built for.

If you want to do extraordinary things that lead to your personal and potential greatness, check out Jerry Acuff VT.

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