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3 Things Millennials Can Do To Be Successful In Corporate America


Are Most Millennials Self-Employed?

While some research has shown that the majority of millennials want to work for themselves, the reality is that many will have careers in traditional “corporate America.” Having spent 20 years of my life (from 25 to 45) in corporate America, I can tell you that it can be a great place to build a work life. I went from a sales representative in Virginia to leading a $650-million company with 1,000 employees, and the following timeless ideas worked to get me there.

3 Ways to Succeed in Corporate America

Here are 3 things millennials can do to succeed in corporate America and eventually lead a fulfilling life of purpose, while helping to make the world a better place.

  • Pick the right company.

Great companies want to develop their employees, keep them with competitive pay, and keep them engaged. That all adds up to a very gratifying work life if you pick the right company with great leadership.

Needless to say, medIum and large companies are all very different. Their leadership,  culture, and commitment to causes outside of their core work are the keys to investigate and evaluate before deciding to interview. Since this decision is such an important one for your future, doing some research makes sense.

Ask yourself these questions and research these specific issues: Are their leaders people-builders, who understand the need to empower employees? What proof can you get of that? Second, how do their employees describe their culture? Is it one where employees feel engaged, valued, praised, and rewarded properly? Lastly, what causes do the organization ardently support that make the world a better place? What kinds of encouragement do they provide to use the company image and success to make a difference?

Probing these issues will rule many companies out, but the ones it rules in are probably the best.

  • Be incredible at whatever role they give you.

There is no substitute for being a top performer. People who are great at their jobs are also team players, incessant learners, and have a great work experience – if they work at the right company. And they have a great future of increasing responsibility, to boot.

  • Build a valuable network of relationships inside and outside the company.

Being great at what you do is never enough to ensure success in any endeavor – entrepreneurial or in corporate America. You have to constantly be building a diverse business network of people inside the company and outside the company.

If disaster strikes, and you are out of work because the company lost a patent battle, then you’ll need a network of people to help you find another opportunity. Always be adding to your network of peers, mentors, and people, who have already had the success you want. If you do that and have a track record of being incredible at what you do, you will find the next opportunity in fairly short order.

By 2025, 70% of the workforce will be millennials. Diligently apply these ideas, and you will have a successful life in corporate America.

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