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The Guide to Using Goals When Nothing Else is Working


Getting Where You Want To Be

About 6 weeks ago, I received a call from a sales rep from one of our clients, and he wanted my advice on how to land the real role he wanted–one that had eluded him for 17 years. He wanted to be in the Medical Group at a company but started in sales (even though he was a pharmacist). He had interviews for a number of openings before for that position, yet never got the role that he so coveted.

I listened to his story, and at the end, he wanted me to give him ideas on how to land the role. Who could he talk to? What should he say? How could he overcome his lack of success on landing that particular role, even though he was highly successful in sales?

Where You Start Determines Where You Finish

My first piece of insight? He was starting in the wrong place!

The place to start when nothing else is working is: learn–and I mean learn, as in study until the ideas are embedded in your heart, your brain, and your spine–the power of setting goals for big achievements. I told him about our offer to give away my goal setting course, which lays out in exquisite detail how to set and achieve big time accomplishments, like the one he’s seeking. There are 5 rules to setting and achieving big tasks when nothing else works. Knowing and using only 4 or 3 won’t get anyone where they need to be. You have to know, practice, and live all 5.

When You Learn, You Achieve

He took my advice, and in a few short weeks after watching my virtual training on goal setting, he expressed to me the value of the course, how life changing it was regardless of whether he got the job he was wanting or not.

Well, he did get the job

After 3 interviews over 2 weeks, he landed the exact role he wanted in the group he wanted to be in. He’s 53 years old. This ultimately validates that anyone can learn what this person did. Learn the power of setting and achieving stretch goals.

There is greatness in you, and IF you learn the power of goal setting, you will be incredible at whatever you do. Learn how to get there. 

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